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Mrs. Lopez

Special Education Teacher

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Who I Am:

  • I am a special education teacher, specializing in learning disabilities.
  • I enjoy scrapbooking, reading, and camping.
  • I am a mother to Raymond(8) and Shaleigh (5).
  • I am a believer in creating positive relationships with all my students that leads to success in the classroom.

 "Students don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." 

Tuesday, April 30 2013 11:27

Spelling April 29-May 3rd

Written by Nicole Lopez

This week students are working with words that have the suffix - able or - ible.  

Attached is their spelling list for April 29-May 3rd.

Monday, April 08 2013 19:27

Spelling List for April 8-12

Written by Nicole Lopez

This week's spelling words, have student's looking at root words that are derived from the greek language.

These are some of the root words and their meanings.  


tele- far off


astro- star


auto- self


mob/mot- move


photo- light


graph- write


ology- study of 


myth- beliefs


hydro- water


phon- sound


naut- ship


mech- machine


meter- measure

Monday, March 25 2013 22:11

Dynamite Dish

Written by Nicole Lopez

Welcome BCA families,


Come and join our fraction fun

  • Students have been learning how to convert fractions, to decimals and percents.
  • On Thursday March 28th students will present a recipe of their choice.
  • They will demonstrate how they converted their recipe into decimals and percents.


Monday, March 25 2013 21:15


Written by Nicole Lopez

We had a great time at Grossology this month.  The kids had an amazing time.  We learned a lot in the arts of gross science

Check out some video from our 4th/5th grade Grossology field trip



Monday, March 25 2013 20:28

Spelling List for March 25th

Written by Nicole Lopez

Hi BCA Families,


This week in spelling we are working with vowel teams.  The spelling rule has students looking at vowel sounds that may only make one sound but the words are spelled with a team of two vowels.


Examples  airfare-  vowel team ai

reveal- vowel team ea.

Your students spelling list is attached.


Thanks Mrs. Lopez

Wednesday, March 13 2013 11:57

Spelling List for March, 11-15

Written by Nicole Lopez

Hi BCA Parents,


This week's spelling rule allows students to learn beginning prefix sounds and their meanings.  They learn what a prefix is and how the meaning of prefixes can change the meaning of their spelling words.


Pre- meaning before

dis- not; opposite

in- not; opposite

mis- wrong, or mistaken 

Monday, November 12 2012 00:46

Math Factors

Written by Nicole Lopez

Hi Parents,

Our 4th/5th grade team has worked really hard to bring, something new and exciting to your child's math learning.

  • Each math unit will be comprised of a unit sheet that is sent home with your students.  
  • The students are allowed to choose their assignments at each different level as long as the required number of points are completed.  
  • Check out the attached copy of our first unit sheet.
Saturday, November 10 2012 12:07

Spelling List-November 15-29

Written by Nicole Lopez

Students will test on this List November 29.

Students will have extra time over Thanksgiving break to study and work on their spelling contract.

Saturday, November 10 2012 10:22

Spelling Contract

Written by Nicole Lopez

Hi Parents,

Each week students are responsible for finishing their spelling Fast Track.  The spelling track consists of numerous activities that allow the students to practice their spelling words and the spelling rule for that week.  Students are given a list every Monday of 20 words individually selected to their ability.   


Attached is a copy of what the students are working on in class.



Saturday, October 27 2012 16:30

Spelling Words for November 8-15

Written by Nicole Lopez

These spelling words will be used in their week three spelling.  We will study these words from November 8, 2012- November 15th.  They will take their spelling test on these words on Thursday November 15,2012.


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