Mrs. Bertapelle submitted and won a book grant through the Meemic Foundation. The Award Ceremony took place on January 23rd. Mr. Thomson, from the Thomson Agency, a Meemic affiliate, presented the check to Mrs. Bertapelle at the Farragut School. Mrs. Bertapelle's students and Mrs. Plant's students, Mrs. Thill, Mrs. Ginac and Ms. Short were in attendance. The grant money of $500, will be used to purchase math textbooks for our students. Thank you to Meemic for offering this valuable award!


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Bay City Academy is excited to announce this years cheerleading program. This team will include 1st-9th grade BCA girls and boys. Our cheerleaders will receive excellent instruction from former cheerleaders and coaches who are passionate about BCA students and their success. Practices will run for one hour Tuesday and Thursday at the Farragut Campus. The squads will perform cheers, chants, and a full routine for your viewing pleasure.


The team will put on a special performance at the end of the season and take with them priceless memories of time shared together supporting each other and spreading BCA school spirit. Our cheerleaders will perform at our Friday basketball games, helping to get the community excited about Bay City Academy Athletics.


The cost of joining the cheerleading team will be $25.00 per student. Please include payment and the student’s t-shirt size when returning this form. Checks should be made out to Smart Schools Management Company.


Below is a link that will direct you to the printable sign up sheet





Bay City Academy would like to welcome all 1st-9th grade students to join the BCA Lumberjack Basketball Team. The focus of this season will be sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, and fundamental basketball skills.  


All basketball practice sessions, outside of game play, will be conducted in a circuit scenario. At separate hoops, coaches will teach a unique skill and incorporate a small amount of verbal instruction, demonstration, and skill practice. The remainder of the session will involve a group activity that involves all of the athletes.    


Each Friday student athletes from grades 4-9 will play games to display their skills learned throughout the week. Scrimmages may be scheduled to improve the overall basketball experience and add to the excitement of building the Lumberjack basketball program.


The cost of attending the eight skills sessions and four games days will be $25.00 per student. Grades 1-3 will have a reduced cost of $20.00 due to no Friday Game Play. Please include the student’s t-shirt size and payment when returning this form. Checks should be made out to Smart Schools Management Company.


Below is a link for a printable sign-up sheet to fill out and return back to school. 



Before break, our talented BCA students had the opportunity to perform in front of a huge crowd here at the Madison Arts Campus auditorium. They had the time of their lives as did we. There was a lot of time involved in the preparation and engagement of these performances and wow did it show! From Kindergarten to Ninth grade, our students shined. Take a look at some of the wonderful pictures that were captured.

Bay City Academy Christmas Concert2013121251  Bay City Academy Christmas Concert2013121253


Bay City Academy Christmas Concert2013121257 Bay City Academy Christmas Concert2013121258

Our secondary choir put on quite the show! In this musical performance, we had a full cast made up of dancing elves, a barn full of reindeers, frosty snowmen, tapping toys, a crystal snowflake, and of course, Santa and Mrs. Claus. This was a terrific production put on by our Music teachers: Mrs. Messbarger and Mrs. Williams as well as our Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Feehery. This took a lot of hard work and dedication which our students had much of. We want to thank everyone for coming. We are looking forward to future entertaining events for you and your families. 

          Meet us at the North Pole



Before our Thanksgiving break, we had the honor of welcoming our student's Grand Friends to visit our campuses. This is an opportunity for students to show off their hard work and what they are learning here at BCA. Each classroom had different activities to take part in as well as a fun photobooth to capture the memories. Thank you everyone for coming and enjoying this special day with us.Take a look at some of the Grand Friends fun!

Grand Friends Day 1     Grand Friends Day 3



Be sure to follow us for more updates, pictures, and events!



Students who had a 3.5 GPA or higher were taken to Old City Hall in downtown Bay City for a luncheon to recognize their academic success.We are incredibly proud to have such professional, polite students to represent us. We want to congratulate each and every student that has worked so hard to be where they are now. Also, congratulations on being so academically talented and a motivated student fulfilling your educational ambitions. Keep up the good work!

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