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February 23, 2017








Bay City Academy had a remarkable showing in this year’s top-to-bottom school rankings. The rankings are based on how well each charter school and traditional public in the state performs on standardized tests.

The charter school has two campuses in Bay City, and both of them showed incredible improvement when the Michigan Department of Education released the rankings last week.

The Bay City Academy Madison Arts Campus, which had been in the zero percentile, shot all the way up to the 39th percentile. The Bay City Academy Farragut Campus, meanwhile, ranked in the 83rd percentile – outperforming every other elementary school in Bay City.

School officials were understandably elated at the results.

“I am so proud of our BCA family,” said Darci Long, the second principal at Bay City Academy. “We have the most diligent, hard-working staff, who continue to do what is best for kids in all capacities. Most importantly, I am so proud of our students who have responded to the high expectations we have set before them. We know we are not done striving for excellence. There is more work to accomplish, but we are moving forward with great resolve to continue meeting the needs of all our students.”


Bay City Academy Elementary Principal Jill Plant echoed those feelings.

“Plain and simple, we put students first,” Plant said. “Our relationship with them comes before any test, assignment, or responsibility. We know the relationship is essential and that we must have a mutual respect and level of trust with each other in order for students to succeed.

“Students will not work for you unless they know you, the teacher, have their best interest in mind and you care about them. Once the relationship has been established, we look at what we want them to achieve based on standards, meet them where they are academically, and tailor our instruction based on the data. We use data from NWEA, M-STEP, supplemental materials, and our internal assessments to drive our instruction.”

Bay City Academy also operates North Central Academy, a charter school in Mancelona, and that school also showed remarkable improvement, jumping a whopping 64 points. North Central Academy went from the 13th percentile to the 77th percentile.

Bay City Academy is authorized by Lake Superior State University and managed by Mitten Management.


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Did you know that not all public schools are funded the same? This great article from the Michigan Association of Public School Academies (MAPSA) sheds light on the difference between funding for traditional public schools and public school academies, like Bay City Academy. Take a moment to read below:


At this time, we have very few participants signed up for our basketball and cheer programs. We are rescheduling our practices to begin January 16th. If your child would like to participate in either program, please complete the attached form and return by MONDAY, JANUARY 9THIf payment arrangements are necessary please contact us. 


The Boys & Girls club has offered the use of their gym for our Saturday games. Each child will also receive a 2017 scholarship for the Boys & Girls club, allowing them access and use for the entire year. 


We are still in need of several coaches. If you are interested in coaching, please contact Barb Doner as soon as possible for more information.

We are so excited for the upcoming basketball and cheerleading season and we need YOU! We are currently seeking:

  • Referees
  • Coaches
  • Concession Stand Volunteers


Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested. You may call Mrs. Doner, Athletic Director at (989) 529-1781 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our fourth grade students were visited by Bay City Electric Light & Power

They spoke to our students about renewable and non-renewable sources of energy which reinforced the science unit students have been working on. 


BCELP asked students to complete an information sheet as a follow up to their presentation. All schools that returned 100% of the response sheets were entered into a drawing. Of the classes that returned all their response sheets, Bay City Academy's fourth grade was chosen to receive some generous science related prizes. 


Each child in BCA's fourth grade class received a light back pack filled with fun items. These items included a light personal battery powered fan, a circuit tube, a tiny hard hat and truck, and an energy saving night light. Students were thrilled! But that was not all. They also received 3 science kits, a certificate and a $50.00 gift card. 


A big thanks to Bay City Electric Light and Power for helping to peak our students interest in science!



BCA Campus Consolidation: Bay City Academy has made the decision to centralize our school facility to maximize resources and further improve the learning environment for all of our students. This move will improve the academic, social and extracurricular opportunities for every child attending BCA. The consolidation of our students will allow for more direct contact and support of staff by lowering the child to staff ratio, and more access to technology, as all equipment will be in a central location. Additionally, students that previously had no access to a gymnasium or playground will now find this to be an added part of their development. The logistics for parents with children previously at each school will now enjoy a more streamlined routine each day. In every way possible, this serves as another step in the progression of Bay City Academy. This move also addresses the long term financial health of our school. The consolidation allows us to eliminate redundancy of overhead. No longer will we have multiple utility and insurance bills. Bay City Academy has the blessing of the Michigan Department of Education relative to our debt elimination plan, and this move becomes the “Red Letter Day” when we at Bay City Academy finally control our own destiny.

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