Character Education trains students to "see" the future consequences of current actions so they learn to choose well throughout their lives. Bay City Academy's Character Education programs are woven into every part of the school day. Character traits are applied to daily life through service learning projects. These projects connect our curriculum with the inherent caring and concern young people have for their world. Classmates choose projects that benefit others. They plan, coordinate and implement ideas to completion. Character Education report cards are sent to parents four times per year so that teachers, parents and students can celebrate accomplishments and plan for improvement.

Bay City Academy emphasizes six Character Education traits:
  • Work Ethic: Working hard and sustaining effort leading to feeling good about a job well done.
  • Getting Along: Contributing to and gaining from positive relationships.
  • Kindness: Thinking and acting in ways that show you care.
  • Respect: Acting in a way that shows that I am valuable, you are valuable and we as a group are valuable.
  • Responsibility: Choosing to act in a way that takes care of oneself and contributes to the common good.
  • Optimism: Expecting good things today and in the future.


This graphic is drawn by our resident artist, Jeremy. We use humorous pictures like this in our instructional methods. These cartoons help to remember multiple steps and keep information orderly. This one represents "Six Character Traits" or "6 Carrot Tray."


Bay City Academy Principal Ryan Schrock is standing on the performing arts stage with one of the  school's stained-glass windows behind him. The ornamental stained glass is being preserved as an important trademark of the historic building.


Not only are we visual learners, but we also make visual memories. Check out this ABC News video on how to Train Your Brain Like a Champ.



It's time we think in a different way. ADHD is not an epidemic — kids are being told to focus on boring stuff! Let's wake students up. Start by watching this video. We couldn't have said it better ourselves.


The Bay City Academy Board of Directors has been sworn in.


The Bay City mayor and city clerk were on hand Jan. 31 at the Historic Webster House as the following officers were elected:

  • President Craig Johnston
  • Vice President Mike Wooley
  • Secretary Dennis Griffith
  • Treasurer Arlene Bush
  • Trustee Claire Gregory

Bay City Academy also now is officially chartered with Lake Superior State University.

"Parents need a wider choice in their educational offerings," BCA founder Steve Ingersoll told the Bay City Times. "All schools improve when there's expanded choice. That's what we've found in Traverse City. We have 1,200 kids in that school, and Traverse City has a pretty good school district, so we must be doing something right."

Bay City Academy is on the move — literally!

A building that formerly housed the local Salvation Army will be picked up and moved to our location at 400 N. Madison soon to house classrooms when our school opens in September.

BCA founder Steve Ingersoll says moving an existing building to become part of the school is a more environmentally friendly approach.

"(The Salvation Army) donated the building to us if we paid for the excavation costs," Ingersoll told The Bay City Times. "The deal we have is a generous one — they were going to knock down the building anyway.

"There's nothing more green than restoring a building rather than building a new one. Otherwise, it would end up in a landfill."

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