Before our Thanksgiving break, we had the honor of welcoming our student's Grand Friends to visit our campuses. This is an opportunity for students to show off their hard work and what they are learning here at BCA. Each classroom had different activities to take part in as well as a fun photobooth to capture the memories. Thank you everyone for coming and enjoying this special day with us.Take a look at some of the Grand Friends fun!

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Students who had a 3.5 GPA or higher were taken to Old City Hall in downtown Bay City for a luncheon to recognize their academic success.We are incredibly proud to have such professional, polite students to represent us. We want to congratulate each and every student that has worked so hard to be where they are now. Also, congratulations on being so academically talented and a motivated student fulfilling your educational ambitions. Keep up the good work!

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Our secondary classes at the Madison Arts Campus went on an exciting adventure to Camp Timbers in West Branch. They took part in rock climbing, zip-lining, canoeing, learned survival / life skills and many more activities. Our students, staff members and volunteers had a great time and cannot wait to go on another trip. Thank you to all of our contributors for generously donating to this trip as well as our volunteers for making this getaway an adventure to remember!

   Camp Timbers 


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Fundraising is the business of inspiring people to fill a need. It teaches children valuable lessons about helping others as well as communication skills and how to interact. One extremely important benefit that comes from having fundraising events is the confidence and pride your child will have as well as a ton of fun! We like to engage our students in activities such as the events we have throughout the school year to make them feel involved and create an awareness that they are a part of something. On Friday, October 18th we had a festive 'Fall Family Fun Night.' BCA families joined at the Old Y Campus for some pumpkin bowling, face painting, arts and crafts, bobbing for apples and much more. It was fun for everyone! We want to give a big thank you to everyone who makes our special events so successful, we could not do it without each and every one of you.




The Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) tests were established in 1976 as a way for parents, education officials, and teachers to monitor school performance. The results report the level of proficiency a student demonstrates in each of the subject areas they are tested upon. Here at Bay City Academy, we are in the top 5 of Charter school organizations for our MEAP and MME scores. In subject areas Math and Reading, we are #1 in our proficiency rate for Charter schools. We find it extremely important to measure our student's progress in learning thus we make sure we have high student achievement. We are constantly improving the chances of academic and life successes for all of our students. For the 2013-2014 school year, MEAP testing will take place on October 8th through the 16th. Students should be well rested, eat breakfast to fuel your mind and body and don't forget a snack for the day.

On Wednesday, September 25th we had the pleasure of opening our Campuses to the community for an Open House. We are so thankful to have such wonderful students, parents, and staff to make our events so successful. To start out the night, we had a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of the improved Farragut Campus. There were classroom tours, bounce houses, hotdogs, and quality time with one another to welcome each individual to our "home." We want to thank everyone who could make it out and for those who could not, here is a brief clip of our ceremony. Also, visit our Facebook page for more information and updates.





Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Farrgut Campus on Wednesday, September 25th. Rachel Schoen, one of our second grade students accompanied by her mother, Janet Schoen.

photoSecondary students gathered at the Friendship Shell downtown to celebrate Constitution Day. As students arrived, they each signed a "school constitution" that was drafted and written by the students in their Social Studies and History classes. Students signed the document using an authentic quill pen. The National Anthem was then sung in five part harmony by the BCA Chamber Choir followed by Taps performed by two student trumpeters. During Taps, the rest of the student body released balloons. Attached to each balloon was a note; one side it read "If found, please contact our school and let us know how far this balloon flew," and on the other was a personal note from each student stating, "To me, the Constitution means..." Thank you to all of the parents and friends who joined us for this wonderful event. It was an amazing activity for our students and great for the community.

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