BCA Campus Consolidation: Bay City Academy has made the decision to centralize our school facility to maximize resources and further improve the learning environment for all of our students. This move will improve the academic, social and extracurricular opportunities for every child attending BCA. The consolidation of our students will allow for more direct contact and support of staff by lowering the child to staff ratio, and more access to technology, as all equipment will be in a central location. Additionally, students that previously had no access to a gymnasium or playground will now find this to be an added part of their development. The logistics for parents with children previously at each school will now enjoy a more streamlined routine each day. In every way possible, this serves as another step in the progression of Bay City Academy. This move also addresses the long term financial health of our school. The consolidation allows us to eliminate redundancy of overhead. No longer will we have multiple utility and insurance bills. Bay City Academy has the blessing of the Michigan Department of Education relative to our debt elimination plan, and this move becomes the “Red Letter Day” when we at Bay City Academy finally control our own destiny.

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