We continually take strides to improve our schools for the benefit of our students, parents, and community. As part of determining the needs, we are asking our students, parents, staff, and community members to complete surveys about BCA. Below are links for the parent and community surveys, relating to each of our Bay City campuses.

Parent Surveys - to be completed by parents and/or guardians of students currently attending BCA.

Farragut Campus - http://www.advanc-ed.org/survey/public/6825191

Madison Arts Campus - http://www.advanc-ed.org/survey/public/6021961

Community Surveys - to be completed by members of our community whom do not have direct involvement (students attending) with BCA.

Farragut Campus - http://www.advanc-ed.org/survey/public/6621713

Madison Arts Campus - http://www.advanc-ed.org/survey/public/8129371

Thank you for your feedback and comments, it is greatly appreciated.


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