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Bay City Academy is a tuition-free K-10 public charter school created for quality.

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Bay City Academy creates a loving environment where kids feel safe so they can learn at a higher level.


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At Bay City Academy, we teach students to do the right thing, because it is the right thing to do.


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The science behind our model of teaching kids how to learn is based on natural human development and how the brain learns best.

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At Bay City Academy, we set the stage for teachers, students and parents to form real relationships that serve as the basis for students' success.

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At BCA we not only teach content but we teach students how to learn.

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Our Schools

Bay City Campus:

We provide a quality education for students in grades K-10.

North Central Academy Campus:

A satelite campus in Mancelona offers a K-12 educational alternative based upon BCA's educational methodology. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is a charter school? What makes Bay City Academy special? We have the answers to your questions.

Weekly Newsletters


At Bay City Academy it is important that we keep family members informed and involved in their children's school experience and education.

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Weekly Newsletters

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At Bay City Academy, we teach students to do the right thing, because it is the right thing to do.


We believe that proper behavior leads to good character, which leads to arts and academic excellence. It's as simple as that. Good character is an important part of every student's success, both in school and beyond. That's why the character traits of respect, kindness, responsibility, optimism, getting along and work ethic are continually modeled, taught, assessed and reported to parents at all grade levels. Students learn to respect others and take responsibility for their own behavior, which leads to a wonderful classroom learning environment free of disruptions. Our discipline policy is geared toward student achievement, and we believe that talking through problems is the best way to solve them. We will provide the students with the necessary foundation and guide them through the process that will result in each child demonstrating the highest qualities of character.

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