Top 10 Reasons to Enroll at BCA

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  1. Learning How to Learn Through the Arts and Sciences: Bay City Academy is a tuition-free K-10 public charter school created for quality — with an emphasis on project-based learning. We promote educational development through the arts and sciences, teaching our students to be lifelong learners.
  2. Safe, Loved & Learning: BCA creates a loving environment where kids feel safe and learn social skills that lead to strong character. Proper culture opens the door to learning. When students love and respect their teachers and peers, learning happens naturally.
  3. No Problem Discipline: At BCA, we have one rule for all students and adults: "Do the right thing because it's the right thing to do." Our primary goal is to prevent discipline problems by developing good relationships with our students and creating classrooms that are need-fulfilling. Our students also wear uniforms every day to promote a unified environment of good behavior and discipline.
  4. Brain-Based Education: Our academic program is based on the proven best practices in education, melding brain science, character education and effective instruction. Children are naturally exquisite learners. The science behind our model of teaching kids how to learn is based on natural human development and how the brain learns best.
  5. Mastering Academics: BCA uses a competency-based grading system to ensure quality work. Students demonstrate they understand a concept before progressing to the next level. At the secondary level grading becomes proficiency-based to ready out students for post-secondary education. Academic instruction is woven through meaningful student-developed businesses and projects, where they have jobs, earn salaries and pay bills. Relevant and useful projects naturally boost enthusiasm while developing vital life skills and applying core academic skills.
  6. Student-Teacher Relationships: We have small classrooms that allow students to develop a strong relationship. Learning is more efficient when the student is connected to his or her teacher. More time with teachers allow for deeper relationships, better social skills and more healthful eating.
  7. Extra-Ordinary Curriculars: Our Physical Education program focuses on developmentally appropriate activities that help coordinate body, vision and mind. Art, Music and Dance are woven into the day-to-day classroom experience to complement brain development and visual thinking.  We offer after school clubs, such as Outdoor Adventure Club, Drama and Gardening.
  8. Less Homework: With our school days Monday through Friday, we are able to create a more relaxed environment and teach to a greater depth, resulting in less homework. 
  9. Uniforms: At Bay City Academy, our focus is on learning and getting along. Research clearly shows that schools with uniforms have fewer disciplinary problems and a greater sense of unity.
  10. Additional Help. Bay City Academy teachers are fully comitted to helping your student(s) succeed. They offer after school tutoring services free of charge if requested and needed.


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